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Getting Started at CurrenciesFx.com


What is it CurrenciesFx.com?

CurrenciesFx.com is a Forex Trading website developed by Qexpert.com. There is a Learning Section but also a Forex Trading Section and a Review Forex Section. This website operates also as an Introducing Broker (IB) offering Forex Trading Rebates. We partner with more than 20 Forex Brokers in order to provide traders with the best trading deals in the world. In this site you will be informed about Trading Contests, Forex Bonuses, and Trading Rebates:

How Forex Trading Rebates Work 

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Introduction to Currency Trading

Trading online currencies is a very popular practice nowadays. Some traders are trading profitable, but most traders don't. A wide variety of parameters determines the long-term profit potential of a Forex Trader, including good information, effective analysis, the right strategy, and the right Forex Broker.

(1) The first thing a currency trader must do is to select a trading strategy. Forex Strategies are formed and implemented according to particular profiles including the trader’s growth expectations, the risk tolerance, and its special needs.

(2) After a strategy is chosen, the trader must create a detailed trading plan. This trading plan will include the conditions for entry/exit trades and a tight money management system

(3) The next step involves finding the right Forex Broker. A good Forex broker should provide safety of funds, low trading cost, good customer service, and effective technology

(4) Last but not least, the participation in a rebate plan in order to minimize the trading cost (CurrenciesFx works as an IB, without any charge for traders)


The Forex Brokers Rating Formula

In order to evaluate global Forex brokerage services, a new Forex Rating Formula was introduced by TradingCenter.org. This formula combines 4 major trading factors:

i) Safety of Funds, | ii) Cost of Trading, | iii) Trading Options, | iv) Technological Efficiency.

Here is the recent history of the Rating Formula:

» Fx Broker Rating Formula –V4.0, at TradingCenter.org

There is also a version for Binary Options Brokers » Option Brokers Formula -V.3.5, at BinaryValue.com

By giving a specific weight to all the pre-mentioned factors many Forex Brokers have been rated and the results are published at FxPros.net. Withing CurrenciesFx you may find reviews and ratings of popular Forex Brokers.


Different Profiles Create Different Brokerage Needs

As already mentioned individual trading profiles create different needs and different needs create different Forex Broker choices. Let’s see some examples.

i) A professional day-trader or a scalper need an ECN broker with tight spreads, low slippage, fast execution, the availability of MT4 / MT5, and a good trading rebate

ii) A carry-trader or a long-trader need a Forex broker offering a wide variety of Forex pairs and very efficient swap-rates (overnight charges)

In both cases, all traders must choose only among high-regulated Forex brokers.


-) Professional traders may trade the currency market intraday. As concerns novice traders, it is highly recommended to avoid trading intraday

-) Demo and Practice Forex accounts offer an excellent chance to evaluate the conditions of every Forex Broker without any cost and without any risk


Successful Forex Trading

Ambitious Learning and Right Timing are two important ingredients of Forex Trading success.

Forex Market Trading Hours

The Forex market includes 3 trading sessions: the US Session, the Tokyo Session, and the London Session. Between each of these 3 sessions, there is a period when two sessions are opened simultaneously.

1) The London and Tokyo Markets are open at the same time between 3 am and 4 am (EST).

2) The US and London Markets are open between 8 am and 12 pm (EST).

These common time frames generate the high volatility and volume activity and thus constitute the perfect time for intraday traders.

► More about Forex Sessions

Most Volatile Days of the Week

According to historical research, the major currencies are more active and volatile in the middle of the week. That means from Tuesday to Wednesday but Fridays also are very busy until 12 pm (EST).

Forex Market Statistics

These are some statistics regarding the Forex majors, based on our research:


Forex Trading Tips

In this website you may find a number of Trading Tips, here are some interesting links:

► Cross-Asset Correlations

 Trading Forex by Following the Smart Money


ECN Trading with Free VPS Hosting

Some Important Forex Links

Here are some important Forex Trading links:

» US Bureau of Economic Analysis | » US National Bureau of Economic Research | » Eurostat (EU) | » UK National Institute of Economic and Social Research


Getting Started with Forex Trading

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